Escapism lyrics

Here are the lyrics of Escapism lyrics with some crispy emojis. Do enjoy!

Verse 1:
🍸 Sleazin’ and teasin’, I’m sittin’ on him πŸ’Ž All of my diamonds are drippin’ on him 🍷 I met him at the bar, it was twelve or something 🍷 I ordered two more wines ’cause tonight, I want him
πŸ“– A little context if you care to listen πŸ’” I find myself in a shit position πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ The man that I love sat me down last night ❌ And he told me that it’s over, dumb decision πŸ’” And I don’t wanna feel how my heart is rippin’ 🍷 Fact, I don’t wanna feel, so I stick to sippin’ πŸŒƒ And I’m out on the town with a simple mission πŸ‘— In my little black dress and this shit is sittin’
πŸ’” Just a heart broke bitch πŸ‘  High heels six inch 🍾 In the back of the nightclub, sippin’ champagne 🚫 I don’t trust any of these bitches I’m with πŸš– In the back of the taxi sniffin’ cocaine πŸ“± Drunk calls, drunk texts, drunk tears, drunk sex πŸ‘€ I was lookin’ for a man who was on the same page πŸ”„ Now it’s back to the intro, back to the bar πŸš— To the Bentley, to the hotel, to my old ways
πŸ’” ‘Cause I don’t wanna feel how I did last night 🚫 I don’t wanna feel how I did last night πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ Doctor, doctor, anything, please πŸ™ Doctor, doctor, have mercy on me πŸ’” Take this pain away ❓ You’re askin’ me my symptoms, doctor 🚫 I don’t wanna feel
Verse 2:
🚬 Toke this joint how I’m blowin’ this steam πŸ”„ Back to my ways like 2019 ⏳ Not twenty-four hours since my ex did dead it πŸ‘« I got a new man on me, it’s about to get sweaty 🍰 Last night really was the cherry on the cake πŸŒ‘ Been some dark days lately and I’m findin’ it cripplin’ πŸš€ Excuse my state, I’m as high as your hopes πŸ”₯ That you’ll make it to my bed, get me hot and sizzlin’ πŸ‘  If I take a step back to see the glass half-full πŸ‘œ At least it’s the Prada two-piece that I’m trippin’ in πŸ† And I’m already actin’ like a dick, know what I mean? πŸ‘‰ So you might as well stick it in
Chorus: (Repeated)
Bridge: (Repeated)
Verse 3:
πŸ’” ‘Cause I don’t wanna feel like I felt last night 🚫 I don’t wanna feel like I felt last night πŸŒ… Be at peace with the things you can’t change (Last night) πŸ‘ I’ll be naked when I leave and I was naked when I came, yeah 🚫 Out of reach, out of touch ❄️ Too numb, I don’t feel no way πŸ₯‚ Toast up, so what? πŸ›£οΈ Street small, but it go both ways πŸƒ So, you’ll run, yeah 🚫 But you’ll never escape πŸŒ‡ Sunset in the maze ❓ (You’re askin’ me my symptoms, doctor, I don’t wanna feel)
Bridge: (Repeated)
Verse 4: πŸ’„ Mm, lipstick smudged like modern art ❓ I don’t know where the fuck I am or who’s drivin’ the fucking car πŸš— Speeding down the highway sippin’ πŸ’Š Mixing pills with the liquor ‘cah fuck these feelings πŸ“± I left everyone I love on “Read” (Uh-huh) πŸ›Œ Spilling secrets to the stranger in my bed (Uh-huh) 🚫 I remember nothing so there’s nothing to regret (Uh-uh) 🎡 Other than this 4/4 kick drum poundin’ in my head


What is the title of the song?

The title of the song is “Raye.”

Who is the artist of the song?

The song’s artist is Shake.

Who wrote the song?

Mike Sabbath wrote the song.

Who produced the song?

Β Mike Sabbath produced this song.

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